The Many Faces of Marriage Counseling

Marriage, though a beautiful union between two individuals, is not without its share of challenges. When these challenges become overwhelming, marriage counseling can serve as a lifeline. In this post, you'll explore the different types of marriage counseling, each with a different approach to helping couples navigate through their difficulties. 1. Traditional Marriage Counselling Traditional marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy, focuses on improving communication between spouses. A qualified counselor facilitates open discussions where both parties can express their feelings and concerns.

Reasons to Use Counselling for ADHD

As a neurodevelopmental condition that affects both children and adults, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can impact your life in a lot of ways. You may find it difficult to concentrate or to control your impulses. Your condition could result in behaviours that make it difficult for you to manage life at work, at home and in educational settings. While there are many treatments available, here's how pursuing counselling services could help.

Holiday Challenges Couples Face and How to Navigate Them

While the holiday season can be a wonderful time to enjoy sweet moments with loved ones, they can also be challenging and lead to a lot of conflict for many couples or families. Holidays bring up intense emotions and put a spotlight on relationships, intensifying personal conflicts, financial struggles and other things. Adding to the stress you are already dealing with on a day-to-day basis, this can affect the bond you have with your partner and loved ones.

Counselling Skills: A Guide

The most important skills you need as a counsellor are empathy, active listening, good communication, a non-judgmental attitude and the ability to give comfort and support. Read on to discover more about each of these skills.  What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to share in the feelings or emotions of another person. Having empathy can help us understand other people's perspectives and provide insight into their behaviour. Empathy does not require an individual to agree with other peoples' views, but it does require open-mindedness and understanding.

Two Mistakes to Avoid Making When You Start Having Marriage Counselling

If you're going to have marriage counselling with your spouse, here are two mistakes you should try hard to avoid making. Picking a counsellor that your spouse is not very enthusiastic about If you're typically the one in your relationship who organises everything, you might make the mistake of picking a counsellor without consulting your spouse first. When you decide to have marriage counselling, it is normally best to ensure that the selection of the counsellor is a joint decision.