Holiday Challenges Couples Face and How to Navigate Them

While the holiday season can be a wonderful time to enjoy sweet moments with loved ones, they can also be challenging and lead to a lot of conflict for many couples or families. Holidays bring up intense emotions and put a spotlight on relationships, intensifying personal conflicts, financial struggles and other things. Adding to the stress you are already dealing with on a day-to-day basis, this can affect the bond you have with your partner and loved ones. 

If you are approaching the festive season as a duo and are feeling a bit on edge, you're not alone. Perhaps you are already in marriage counselling and might want to walk through ways to piece together some peace during the holidays. If not, and you are already feeling the pressure of the holidays, it could be time to schedule an appointment to work through these common issues. 

Finances and Presents 

The holidays can be busy and full of financial demands. For most couples, financial problems are an issue all year long, and things are likely to worsen during the festive season. One partner might want to spend more on presents or overlook house bills to prepare for the holiday celebrations. No matter the case, it's important to understand that everyone has different spending habits, and failure to agree on a reasonable budget can lead to increased conflict surrounding money. 

Where to Spend the Holidays 

Some holiday conflicts occur over family traditions like where to spend the holidays. This can be an extremely difficult decision or can lead to explosive fights if you and your partner cannot find a way to accommodate the differences that arise with this decision. You must both take time and have a conversation in advance about precious holiday experiences that mean the most to you to help you come up with a plan. You might want to consider marriage counselling to help you make your decisions, especially if it's your first time facing the holiday as a married couple. 

Family Conflict 

Family gatherings during the holiday bring a lot to the table, including love, laughter, long-time grudges, conflicting opinions and even painful memories. The reality of spending the holiday season with family is that it presents a lot of room for conflict and long-simmering family issues that will likely push your buttons. Such stressors will often lead to conflict with your partner, as you are likely to dump your frustration on the person closest to you. If this is the case, expressing your feeling or concerns to your partner can be particularly beneficial in helping you navigate family conflict. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed this holiday season? Seek out relationship counselling to help you navigate holiday stressors and work well with your partner.